What the workshops cover

Calisthenics has been growing in popularity over the last few years as the benefits of such exercise is being realised. Not only does it increase your strength but it can dramatically change your body shape and results in immense satisfaction after learning to master the exercises.

These one hour workshops will introduce bodyweight exercises such as progressions to pull ups, press up variations and core strength exercises, which are designed to increase strength for progressing to further calisthenics exercises.

Where will this lead

The aim of these workshops are to build strength and confidence in using your own body weight to enable you to start to work towards more advanced calisthenic exercises. This includes handstands, flags and levers.

What fitness level do you need?

There will be up to 10 people per workshop therefore I can cater for all fitness levels from absolute beginner to those with more advanced knowledge of strength exercises.

Location and time

Tuesday: 12.45

Elm Road Open Space

Elm Road


If you have a small group of people who would be interested in starting a session at a different time/location please let me know.


Please ensure you book your session in advance as classes do get booked up quickly. £7 is payable on the day or in advance.