About me

Dermot Kavanagh

After spending my teenage years being very sporty and active, I found myself consumed in the world of retail and dragged into a fairly sedate lifestyle. 

One day I looked at myself in the mirror and thought enough was enough: it was time for a change. 

I joined the Army Reserve and started to take my fitness and health seriously. I went from spending my time in the bars and clubs of Clapham High Street to the pull up bars of Clapham Common. I became inspired by the people I saw training around me and soon found myself training everyday to better myself.

The Army has given me the mental and physical courage to get through some of the hardest challenges I’ve faced; I now believe I’m ready for anything.

I live, breath and sleep health and fitness so it was only natural to get my fitness qualifications and enjoy my passion as a fitness instructor (British Military Fitness) and a Personal Trainer.

Working in this industry is a dream come true and I take great pride in making my clients not only physically fitter but mentally stronger and happier. I strive to inspire those around me. I look forward to working with you.

DFIT Personal Training


Each individual I work with is unique, and therefore I develop a structured and effective training plan which will suit their needs and fitness goals. There are three main areas I focus on:

HIIT Training

This high intensity training is a fantastic way to get you in shape fast. It focusses on bursts of high intensity exercise followed by a lower intensity period.


Want to work on your dead hangs or even master that elusive handstand? The calisthenics movement is fast growing and I can help you to master the techniques and be rewarded with the strength and flexibility results this training delivers.

Strength Work

Whether you want that rippling six pack or just want to be able to carrying all the food shopping in one go without your arms dropping off, then strength training may be for you! From different press-up variations to developing leg strength to help with sprints, there are a wide range of available exercises.

Thanks to Jason Purple Photography for the amazing photos.